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The broadcast media has boundless potential. It covers a wide spectrum of various communication methods, and primarily includes television and radio. Presently, broadcasting media companies are delivering news and information digitally with the help of web-based applications and media streaming applications. Also, the broadcast media has a higher reach as compared to the print media. MAAC has introduced a tailor-made broadcast course that throws light on both old and latest technologies used in the field.

The demand for broadcast media is on the rise. To enter the industry as a professional, enroll for job oriented courses in broadcast media at MAAC. Get trained by experts and make a smart move towards the industry.

Broadcast Media Courses

Program in Broadcast Design

Make a grand entry into the broadcast industry through this tailor-made course. With the demand of broadcast media being continuously on the rise, with MAAC’s Broadcast Plus course, you can get ready for a stellar career in the medium.

Course Overview

Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime – all such broadcasting platforms are changing the face of the broadcast industry. With more content being made for simultaneous telecast on television and digital platforms, this is the right time for you to build a career in broadcast. The course content of Broadcast Plus covers the fundamentals and advanced programs of broadcasting. From the basics of Digital Filmmaking and Digital Design to Lighting and Rendering and Editing with FCP, the course covers almost every major aspect of broadcasting. The course curriculum includes all latest versions of software like Photoshop, Premiere, and Audition.
Getting hands-on training in the latest tools and practices, will prepare you to join the broadcast industry at lucrative positions like Video Editor, Graphics Designer, UI Designer, Corporate Presentation Specialist amongst others.

Course Content

1. Basics of Digital Filmmaking

2. Digital Design

3. Video Editing

4. Sound Editing

5. 3D Design and Modelling

6. Look Development

7. Lighting and Rendering

8. Layer Based Compositing

9. Clean Plate Generation

10. Chroma Screen Removal

11. 2D Motion Graphics

12. 3D Motion Graphics

13. Editing with FCP

14. Project and Case Studies for Motion Graphics

15. Rigging and Animation

Software Covered

1. Adobe Photoshop

2. Adobe Premier

3. Adobe Audition

4. Autodesk 3ds Max

5. Cinema 4D

6. Final Cut Pro

7. Adobe After Effects

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