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  • 2nd floor, Esquire Tower, 17 -A, Opposite Sant Hospital, Ekta Nagar
  • 07078680443, 07078610443
  • contact@maacbareilly.com

Game Designing Course Institute in Bareilly

The Multimedia & Design Course at MAAC prepares you to make a career in graphics, web designing, print and publishing. MAAC’s multimedia and design courses train you in understanding how images, words, symbols, and letters can be used as effective means of communication and portray the right message to the right audience at the right time.
The various programs designed under the Multimedia & Design Course give you the opportunities to work in national and international studios.

Game Designing Training Center in Bareilly

Make a grand entry into the broadcast industry through this tailor-made course. With the demand of broadcast media being continuously on the rise, with MAAC’s Broadcast Plus course, you can get ready for a stellar career in the medium.

Course Overview

Course Name: DGDI

Course Duration : 288 hours*

Program in Game Design & Integration

The world of games is fascinating, thrilling and thoroughly enjoyable. What makes it visually so intriguing is the skilled game designers who bring together the best of designs & effects. They bring imagination to life. With MAAC’s DGDI course, you get a step closer to a very lucrative career as Game Designer.


DGDI, an extensive game design course, trains you in game art, design & integration of game asset elements. Considering the smartphone penetration in day-to-day life, gaming is one the most rewarding industry. With this course, you not only get exposed to the latest tools & practices, but also learn to adapt yourself to the evolving technologies & work methods.

Begin with the basics of art, concepts of design & game theory, and keep on developing skills in the most in-demand aspects of 3D, digital sculpting, texturing in games, environment modelling, stylised character modelling, next-gen vehicle modelling and much more.

Get hands-on training in the latest software like 3ds Max, Mudbox and Unity (Game Engine), and get ready to work with the biggest studios on the most interesting projects. Build a rewarding career in 3D game design, simulator graphics & game testing.

Course Content

Sem-1: CGD- Certificate in Game Design

1. Basics of art

2. Game theory

3. Game development pipeline

4. Game concept art

5. Concept design

6. Introduction to 3D

7. Previsualisation of level design

8. Texturing in games

9. Fundamentals of digital sculpting

Sem-2: ACGAI- Advanced Certificate in Game Art & Integration

1. Environment modelling

2. Rigging & animation for games

3. Stylised character modelling

4. Next-gen character modelling

5. Next-gen vehicle modelling

6. Introduction to game engine

7. Asset integration into game engine

8. Portfolio development

Software Covered

1. Unity (Game Engine)

2. 3ds Max

3. Autodesk Mudbox

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