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The Multimedia & Design Course at MAAC prepares you to make a career in graphics, web designing, print and publishing. MAAC’s multimedia and design courses train you in understanding how images, words, symbols, and letters can be used as effective means of communication and portray the right message to the right audience at the right time.
The various programs designed under the Multimedia & Design Course give you the opportunities to work in national and international studios.

Multimedia & Design Courses

Make a grand entry into the broadcast industry through this tailor-made course. With the demand of broadcast media being continuously on the rise, with MAAC’s Broadcast Plus course, you can get ready for a stellar career in the medium.

Course Overview

Course Name: APDMD

Course Duration : 384 hours*

Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

A career course that offers a comprehensive understanding of responsive web design, 2D animation & print.


DGWA course allows you to ace communication mediums such as publications, websites, user interfaces, billboards etc. Take up the course and on completion, find the best job opportunities in web, graphics and animation industry and unleash your talent through this dynamic platform.
From browsing websites on your tablet and smartphone to buying gadgets in cool packages, we want designs that are attractive and can fit all our requirements. This requires the work and talent of a graphic designer. DGWA is a career course that teaches you the concepts and fundamentals of design along with other areas like image editing and page layout. You get to learn lots of design elements and gain the expertise of designing tiny things like chocolate wrapper to big projects like billboards and websites.

Course Name: DPW3D

Course duration: 432 hours*

Program in Print, Web, and 3D Animation

The course makes you an expert to build state-of-the-art print, web, and 3D animation for different section of audiences.


Program in Print Web and 3D Animation makes you an expert in building state-of-the-art print, web, and 3D animation content for different platforms and audiences. If you dream to work as a 3D Animator or a Communication Designer in a reputed company, then join Program in Print, Web and 3D Animation at MAAC now. The career course teaches you the fundamentals of drawing, concepts of design and illustration, concepts of web designing, and a lot more.

MAAC offers an exclusive program in Print Web & 3D Animation. Those who wish to make a career in web designing, communication designing or in app designing, can take up the course.

Course Name: DGWA

Course Duration : 288 hours*

Programs in Graphics, Web and 2D Animation

A comprehensive course covering various aspects of graphics, web design & 2D animation. This 12 months rigorous program ensures you are well-versed with all aspects of design and 2D animation.


APDMD is a career course at MAAC that helps you become a job-ready professional who can give a rich experience to web users. It is one of those career courses, where you will be introduced to the latest trends in the web and publishing industry like digital publication, augmented reality, mobile apps and interactive web content.

This is a holistic course that provides students with a training in print, web, 2D animation and responsive web design. The latest industry trends such as digital production, augmented reality, and more enable them to create innovative pieces of digital communication.

Course Name: DGA

Course Duration : 288 hours*

Programs in Graphics and Animation

The DGA program is prepared by MAAC to meet the growing demand for professional designers, teaching the latest techniques of motion graphic, interactive design, 3D, page layout.


Graphics and Animation course at MAAC empowers you to champion Graphic Design, Page Layout Design, and Interactive 3D Animation. This is one of the most intensive career courses that make you well-versed with different aspects of design. The graphics and animation course covers topics like digital design, page layout, video editing and 3D animation. You will be taught software like Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop.

If you have a creative mind and think that you can make a website interactive and exciting by adding stirring graphics and giving life to characters, then join the DGA course at MAAC. After you complete the course, you will be able to work in leading advertising agencies, TV & Multimedia Production Houses, and publication houses.

Course Content

1. Fundamentals of Design & Drawing

2. Concepts of Graphic & Illustration

3. Image Editing

4. Graphic Design

5. Page Layout

1. Concepts of Web Design

2. Interactive Design

3. Sound Editing

4. Webpage Designing

5. Video Editing

6. Web Animation

7. Front End Design

8. Minimalistic Design

1. Responsive web design

2. Advanced front end design & development

3. Animation & interactivity for web

4. Desktop/mobile/tab/front-end design & development

5. Interactive digital publication

6. Essentials of PHP & MySQL

7. Content Management System

8. Framework integration

1. Basics of 2D animation

2. Digital Storyboarding

3. Digital 2D Animation

Software Covered

1. Corel DRAW

2. Adobe Illustrator

3. Adobe Photoshop

4. Adobe InDesign

5. Adobe Dreamweaver

6. Adobe Animate CC

7. Adobe Premiere

8. Adobe Audition


10. HTML5

11. JavaScript & JQuery

12. CSS

13. Layar

14. PHP

15. MySQL

16. WordPress

17. Storyboard Pro

18. Harmony

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